Modern Designed Coin Deposit Machines

Whether located in banks/credit unions or in supermarkets, our cash deposit systems represent a unique marketing and revenue platform. Our cash deposit machines offer various designs that are adaptable to a variety of environments. They are all extremely silent, reliable and are absolute market leaders within CDS.

How to choose between the various Coin Deposit Systems? The demand for a Coin Deposit Systems can be very different from each customer. Do you want the coins counted and sorted in denominations or just in mixed bags? Which design do you prefer? Below you can find a video for inspiration made by our partner Magner Corporation of America in the United States.

Self-service Coin Counting Machine for banks


CoinBank CDS 800 coin counters for financial institutions

The CoinBank series has been designed with the users and operators in mind. The CoinBank 800 series is a high volume large capacity machine built using high grade materials and components by professional and skilled craftsmen.

CoinBank CDS 800 self-service coin counter for banks


CoinDepo CDS 400 self-service coin counters for retail

The CoinDepo CDS machines have been specifically developed for the retail industry. With CoinDepo CDS400, you can offer your customers a needed exchange service, while at the same time taking advantage of a unique business opportunity and benefiting from the amount of deposits that occur within the shop.

CoinDepo CDS 400 self-service coin counter for retail




Penguin  Coin counting machine


Penguin CDS 700 self-service cash deposit machines

The Penguin coin counter’s strikingly elegant aesthetic design has been created by John Lewis (Bang & Olufsen). Meaning that it can easily fit into any modern environment. The Penguin comes in both sorting and non-sorting variants with a multitude of further options.

Penguin 700 self-service cash deposit machine




The world’s first digital bulk coin sensor. Faster than ever. Easier than ever. More accurate and reliable than ever – 99.98% or better coin counting accuracy!


CTcoin technology is approved by the Deutsche Bundesbank and is in line with §36 BBKKG and in compliance with EU regulations no. 1338/2001 of 28 june 2001 article 6.


CTcoin technology has been approved by the Directorate General for Economic and Financial Affairs (DG ECFIN) and is in line with EU Regulation No. 1210/2010 of 15 December, 2010.


CTcoin machines are developed and manufactured in Denmark using top quality components, material and skilled competent labour.

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