CoinBank CDS 800 for Financial Institutions

Intelligent design for the world of banking

The CoinBank 800 series has been developed and designed with the users and operators in mind. A panel of LED lights has been elegantly integrated into the design in order to clearly attract and communicate status to the users.

The solid or pulsating lighting panel can be adapted to whatever color scheme matches the desired surroundings. Upon opening the double doors, the inside of the machine is automatically illuminated, thus making the operation and servicing of the machine simple and easy. In the unlikely event of a service stop, the lighting panel notifies the user with a red indicator service requirement icon.

The 7” inch touch screen, on which logos can be downloaded, deftly guides the users through the counting process; while in the meantime, the operator can quickly access well-structured information about the transactions and other events by means of coherent graphs (GUI) and statistics.

The CoinBank 800 series is a high volume large capacity machine built using high grade materials and components by professional and skilled craftsmen.

  • Sorting or non-sorting (non-sorting either in CIT container or up to 8 consecutive bags).
  • Manual or automatic coin feeding Multibagging i.e. same denomination in up to 3 different bags.
  • 3 point locking and door separating coin module from the money compartment.
  • Active sorting of up to 2 denominations.
  • Rear load/”thru-the-wall” option.
  • Barcode on customer and bag receipts.
  • Optional EU regulative 1338/2001 article 6 compliance.
  • Programmable color settings in touch screen, lighting panel and service light.
  • Intuitive GUI.
  • Optional Communication Module (XML transaction, event and verification data via USB/LAN).
  • 2 year warranty and local technical support.
  • Cashier number, comprehensive fee system, dual language capabilities.
  • Patented hopper cleaning system.
  • Auto Calibration System (ACS).
  • High quality printer with auto cutter.


  • CoinBank 801 – Mix coin counting and depositing: mixed coins in bag/container.
  • CoinBank 809 – Mix coin counting and sorting of up to 9 different denominations.
  • CoinBank 828 – Mix coin counting and depositing: mixed coins in up to 8 consecutive bags.
  • R-versions – The CoinBank 800 series can be delivered with a rear load/“thru-the-wall” option.


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    CTcoin technology is approved by the Deutsche Bundesbank and is in line with §36 BBKKG and in compliance with EU regulations no. 1338/2001 of 28 june 2001 article 6.


    CTcoin technology has been approved by the Directorate General for Economic and Financial Affairs (DG ECFIN) and is in line with EU Regulation No. 1210/2010 of 15 December, 2010.


    CTcoin machines are developed and manufactured in Denmark using top quality components, material and skilled competent labour.

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