Coin Handling Accessories

CTcoin offers a large range of accessories within its product portfolio. From tubing sets,  CIT cash boxes with automatic closure as well as special sensors, colours, multibagging, external printers and stands. The list is large and comprehensive. We take great pride in being able to supply you with a complete and tailored solution that fits your needs. Take a look and see all the possibilities.


Stand for the 300 series

The specially designed metal stand for the 300 is a high quality SKD kit to facilitate low transport cost and easy assembly. It holds up to 9 bags and can be adjusted to different bag sizes. The bottomless drawers in the 300 series allows the coins to freely fall into the bags. The stand is recommended for high coin volume usage.

CIT/operator cash box with self closing lid

With a coin capacity of 36 liters, the CIT/operator coin box comes with or without a self-closing lid. This unique lid ensures that no coin box can be accessed once removed from the machine. The CIT/operator coin box comes with mounting brackets, magnets etc. for easy mounting in the CoinDepo 400 series.


Active sorting/Track Sensor System™

CTcoin proudly presents the new and unique Track Sensor System™, which enables active sorting of coins with the same diameter. The Track Sensor System™ can be added to all CTcoin machines.

Coin tubing and bagging

The bagging and tubing sets from CTcoin makes it easy to bag and tube coins either in paper or plastic tubes. The bag holder is equipped with a ring attachment for ease of bag switches. The design is durable and meant for heavy use.


All CDS machines are delivered as standard with a high quality APS printer with auto cutter. For the 300 series, there is an option for built-in feature or an external printer.


Special colours

CTcoin offers special colours on all CTcoin machines. However, a minimum quantity is required.


Multi bagging

CTcoin has developed a multi bagging feature which can be mounted in all CTcoin machines. The multi bagging system allows for the bagging of the same coin value into 2 or more bags/drawers (max 5 multi bags in 700/800 series and 4 multi bags in the 300/400 series).





The world’s first digital bulk coin sensor. Faster than ever. Easier than ever. More accurate and reliable than ever – 99.98% or better coin counting accuracy!


CTcoin technology is approved by the Deutsche Bundesbank and is in line with §36 BBKKG and in compliance with EU regulations no. 1338/2001 of 28 june 2001 article 6.


CTcoin technology has been approved by the Directorate General for Economic and Financial Affairs (DG ECFIN) and is in line with EU Regulation No. 1210/2010 of 15 December, 2010.


CTcoin machines are developed and manufactured in Denmark using top quality components, material and skilled competent labour.

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