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11. July 2024

Pelican 25000 – Math – Hero – Summer

At CTcoin we are thrilled to announce a significant milestone as our Pelican coin counter/sorter series has just surpassed a remarkable sales record with model number 25.000.

In the 25,000th machine, we mounted a plaque with “25,000” and delivered it to the USA.

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23. May 2024

Pelican 25000 – SMART – Summer – Alu-Zinck – Visits

The 15th of May 2024 was a great and memorable day. On this day, we manufactured our 25,000th Pelican. This milestone was celebrated with ice cream for everybody on a warm and sunny day. Thank you to the team that has consistently delivered the most reliable, durable, and accurate coin counter/sorter in the market.

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30. April 2024

Training – Ace Solution – Patent – Winner – Singapore

Technical training for our partner from Jordan, Mr. Ahmad Yousef of Albasha Office Solutions, was completed successfully. He received comprehensive training on the products and technologies offered by CTcoin. The training session took place on March 18th-19th.

These training courses are provided free of charge to all CTcoin distribution and technology partners. To reserve your training seminar, please contact Nils Kastrup nk@ctcoin.com today.

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14. February 2024

Packaging – ONE Software – Aluzinc – Overflow – Design – EuroCIS – Competition

Directive 94/62/EC sets out the EU’s rules on managing packaging and packaging waste, promoting the reuse, recycling and other forms of recovering of packaging waste, instead of its final disposal, thus contributing to the transition towards a circular economy – something CTcoin takes very seriously.

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16. January 2024

Happy New Year – Cash Usage – Technical Training – Videos – Competition

May 2024 be happy, healthy, peaceful and prosperous for your and your loved ones. We extend our heartfelt gratitude for your continued support, recognizing your pivotal role in our achievements.

Both days inclusive.

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23. November 2023

Price – External Printer – Holiday Closure – APS Printer – EuroCIS – Happy Holidays

Please be informed that the CTcoin factory will be closed for the holiday period from December 23rd, 2023, to January 1st, 2024.

Both days inclusive.

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9. October 2023

Smart Suite – Jamaica – ABC Sweets – Printer

During the month of September, our technical support team conducted an on-site technical service seminar in Jamaica. CTcoin offers training seminars in Denmark (free of charge) and at partner locations (with expenses covered by the partner), including the picturesque destination of Jamaica.

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7. September 2023

Cash is easier – New CFO – Steel Top – New Partner – SMART

It is our pleasure to inform you that as of July 1, 2023, we have hired our new CFO, Karen Kierkegaard (55).

Karen holds a Master’s degree in Auditing (Cand. Merc. Aud) from SDU and resides in Odense

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19. June 2023

Smart Suite – Skills – Birthday – Flextubes – Summer – GITEX – Multi Bagging

CTcoin is soon to reveal a unified desktop application designed specifically for the SMARTconcept. Its primary purpose is to facilitate the demonstration and validation of machine functions, machine configuration, coin set-up and updating, as well

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4. May 2023

New Position – Colombia – Club 60 – New Adjustment – Changes

From 1st May we have hired Søren Bærholm as Technical Manager, replacing John Frank who will start his well deserved retirement the 1st June, 2023. Søren Bærholm is a trained machinist and subsequently a diploma engineer (mechanical construction).

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31. March 2023

Changes – SMARTconcept – ONE Software – Summer

Although expected, we have with regret received the formal resignation from John Frank, who resigns his position as Technical Director from 31st May 2023 in order to start his deserved retirement.

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15. February 2023

EuroShop – Design – Parts List – Training – Euro Zone – SMART Suite

We hope to meet you at EuroShop in Düsseldorf. We will be at EuroShop the 28th February and the 1st March and hope to see and meet up with you here. There are many subjects to discuss; new projects, new products from CTcoin, new concepts and new coin technologies.

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20. December 2022

Chile – SMART – Year-End – Danish Red Cross – Happy Holidays

Our Export Director – Marcos Teixeira has recently visited our distributors and OEM partners in Santiago Chile where he took a tour and learnt about impressive projects with retail and parking facilities.

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11. October 2022

Approved Technologies – Price – Platform 1210 – Compac “Straight” Overflow

Once again CTcoin’s products and technologies have been tested by the Deutche Bundesbank. The following products and technologies passed the test:

Pelican/Zebra series V5 ref. regulation 1210/2010
CoinBank 800 series V5 ref. regulation 1338/2001 (article 6)

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10. August 2022

New Partners – Croatia – Employee – The Winner Is

CTcoin Welcomes:

Jamaica Microfilm Inc. Co. Ltd. our new partner in Jamaica expanding our presence in the Caribbean and Central America.

Albasha Group our new partner in Jordan. A young company with a lot of energy.

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23. June 2022

Support – Communication Module – EuroCIS 2022 – Mexico

In order to give you the best and coordinated support we have arranged a central support mail address, which we kindly ask you to use hence forward. The support email address is: support@ctcoin.com.

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9. May 2022

Enviroment – Delivery Times – Reserves – Summer – Standpoint – Competition

As a consequence of high demand and challenges in the supply chain of components and parts, CTcoin announces that the likelihood of prolonged delivery times unfortunately may be expected even on already confirmed orders.

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31. March 2022

Coin path parts – Training – Currencies – EuroCIS

CTcoin offers moulded parts specially designed for guiding coins after counting or sorting. We have parts designed going from square sorting tubes to round and we have special flanges for a smooth and cost effective mounting of round tubes.

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4. March 2022

Ukraine – Spare Parts List – Price Increase – Downloads

More than 1,000,000 people have left the country. Especially exhausted women and children are making their way to the borders where Red Cross are receiving them with food, water and toys to distract the children from the terrors for a while.

CTcoin supports financially the work of the Red Cross in Ukraine and Poland.

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31. January 2022

2022 – Reliant on Cash – Spare Parts – Delivery Times – ECB Report

CTcoin is wishing you, your team and loved ones a happy, healthy and peaceful new year! We cherish our partnership and hope that 2022 will bring lots of business and fun for all of us.

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13. December 2021

Holidays – Basic 05 – Software – New Developers – LASSO

Everybody at CTcoin wish you a merry Christmas and a happy and prosperous New Year. We would like to thank you for 2021 – a year still in the shadows of COVID 19. Let’s all hope that 2022 will bring peace, good health, joy and happiness all around our planet.

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18. October 2021

OEM – SMART Concept – AUD – Software Developer – Anniversary – Zenzation

There has been a steady growth in the sales of CTcoin OEM technologies the last years – also in spite of the Corona shut downs. Although challenged by higher prices on raw materials, historic high transport costs and lack of electronic components we have great confidence in 2022.

Join us on this journey – become a CTcoin OEM partner.

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21. September 2021

Raw Material Prices – Anniversary – BBC Survey – SMARTconcept – CoinDepo – Intern

Prices on raw materials, components, packaging and transport keeps soaring leads to increased inflation.

As a consequence of the continuous drastic price increase on raw materials, components, packaging and transport CTcoin will be forced to increase its prices by 5% from 1. November, 2021. All orders received prior to the 1. November will be invoiced at old prices.

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12. August 2021

30 years – ECB Test – KYD coins – Serial Number

The 1st November, 2021 will CTcoin celebrate its 30 years of existence and business. CTcoin has manage to change, adapt and develop new strategies, products and technologies and at the same time been true to the founding core values of: Reliability, durability and accuracy.

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21. June 2021

Prices – Multi Currency – Overflow – DOP – New Employee – Summer

Apart from being much more reliable and accurate the new overflow function gives new possibilities:

1.    Possibility to sort 2 different denominations with the same diameter reliable
2.    In recyclers we can kick out coins to an overflow bag/container before they reach the hoppers (= cost and complexity savings)
3.    Retain coins which much be counted but not sorted. E.g. during a coin reform you have 2 coins of the same denomination. Both are legal tender and have to be counted, but the old coin has to be retained and handed back to the National Bank.

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27. May 2021

Factory Holidays – We Miss You – Circular Economy

Please be informed that CTcoin will have factory closed week 29-30 and 31 i.e. from the 19th July to the 9th August. Please note that our production capacity is very closed to being fully booked until after the summer holidays.

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30. March 2021

Cash Matters – AZN Coins – Zenzation – SMART Concept – Easter

The Financial Times reports that Mastercard will raise fees to more than five times the current amount for British shoppers using a card to buy from EU-based companies, providing a timely reminder of the power card providers wield over customers reliant on them for payments.

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12. January 2021

Happy New Year – GEL Coins – Zenzation – CoinDepo – SMARTsensor – Did you know – Trainee

The entire CTcoin team wishes you, your family and team a happy, healthy and prosperous new year! Let’s all hope for a better 2021 – slightly more “normal” than the previous year

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3. December 2020

Zenzation – Winner – Anniversary – Happy Holidays

CTcoin is proud to introduce the first ever non-coin product into the market – the new Zenzation sanitizer for disinfection of hands using either gel or alcohol. This Danish designed and manufactured high capacity sanitizer entails all the well-known competences of CTcoin i.e. reliability, durability and accuracy

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28. October 2020

ECB – CDS Production – Touch Screen – Price List – Win – Halloween

Once again all CTcoin products and OEM technologies have passed the German Bundesbank certification and approval process in flying colors. All Pelican/Zebras have been approved according to the directive 1210 – 2001. From “article 6” (§36) requirements to CoinDepo series – all have been tested and approved.

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7. October 2020

Closure – Price – SMARTconcept – Set-up manual – COVID19 – 1 and 2 Cent

Please note that orders have to be in at CTcoin for delivery in 2020 in order to avoid any price adjustments for 2021. As we are experiencing a positive order intake please plan for any orders now so that we can deliver within end December.

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27. August 2020

Welcome Back – CoinDepo – Cleaning System – Overflow

We hope you have had a relaxing and enjoyable holiday. Here at CTcoin we are all back in full force and look forward in assisting you with any coin project you have now or in the future. Together with you we look forward to develop the most reliable, durable and accurate coin solution into your applications.

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22. June 2020

Business – Smart Concept – Cash – Certificate – New Coins – CoinDepo – CFO – Holiday

Imagine a coin counting system which identifies odd and unfit coins, detects counterfeits and foreign coins and at the same time gives a more precise and accurate count. A system easy to handle, reliable and capable of remote software update and control.  A technology more powerful and faster than ever and almost impossible to trick due to its intelligent software and multifaceted security parameters.

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31. March 2020

Business as “usual” – EuroShop 2020 – ATMIA – Romania – Cash

At CTcoin A/S we want to help limit the risk of Covid-19 and at the same time keep the wheels running for all our customers, partners and suppliers. Although we operate as “normal” we have taken a number of measures limiting the risk of spreading Covid-19 virus.

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23. January 2020

Poland – CoinDepo Seminar – Success in Romania – Argentina – Software – EuroShop

The 24th-25th March 2020 CTcoin is planning to hold a seminar where experiences are exchanged between partners and where we try to make use the learnings from others in order to become successful in selling the CoinDepo concept in your market. It will be an intensive seminar and we hope to see you here.

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9. December 2019

Happy Holiday – SmartConcept – ATMIA – Training – PriceList – Sponsor

We at CTcoin would like to wish you, your team and loved ones happy holidays. We would also like to conveyor our hope for a continued good relation to you and your organization. During 2020 CTcoin will launch many new technologies all with the goal to make coin counting, sorting and recycling more accurate, reliable and durable. Thank you for 2019 – look forward to a great 2020!

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12. November 2019

Happy Holidays, Software, Approvals, Compac Gold, EuroShop

Please be informed that the factory and administration will close for Christmas the 20th December, 2019 and start up again 2nd January, 2020.

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27. September 2019

EuroShop 2020, Stock Clearance, Campaign, Video

Come and visit us at stand 6/H31! We look forward to welcome you and to show you the latest innovations in coin technology and products. We look forward to launch a new and revolutionary concept. Remember to mark the dates in your calendar and please pre-book an appointment already today.

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2. September 2019

Training, Pakistan, DHL Run,  Anniversary

Book your time now for the next advanced technical training seminar at CTcoin A/S the 19th-20th and 21st November, 2019.

Learn about the CTcoin products and technologies and make full use of all the features and benefits in the ONE software.

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12. July 2019

WiFi, The Winner Is, Dual Currency

WiFi possibility has been added to the Communication Module and it now supports both LAN and WiFi connectivity. The Communication Module fits on all CTcoin products and technologies and transmits event, transaction and possible card data in XML format to a central computer.

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13. June 2019

Campaign, 1,2 and 5 Cent, Platform 1210, Holiday, R-models

Applicable on all Pelican and Zebra variants an additional campaign discount is offered of 5%. This summer campaign runs from now until the 12th July, 2019 and is for deliveries August/September. Contact CTcoin today and take advantage of this great offer!

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26. March 2019

Red Wine, Quality Certificate, Cars, New Receipt

With next shipment we will send you a bottle of excellent red wine if you will link to www.coin.com anywhere from your homepage. We want to say “thank you” as the more links we have, the more favorable Google will look at us. Your help is appreciated.

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7. March 2019

EuroCIS, Cheap Copy, Card Reader, Competition

We experienced a very successful show and met new contacts, old friends, competitors and many partners. Thank you all for making our days busy, fun and exciting. We showed our OEM technologies, our products and new coin concepts.

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12. February 2019

EuroCIS, Show room machines, Competition

Let us show you the latest in coin counting, sorting and recycling technology. We look forward meeting you and to show you new products and concepts. See you in Düsseldorf the 19th – 21st February, 2019.

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17. December 2018

Friendship – South American – Panda 926 – Price List – Happy Holidays

25 years ago Magner Corporation of America and CTcoin started to cooperate. It has been some fantastic 25 years and the cooperation has from the beginning been based on mutual respect, friendship and trust.

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20. November 2018

EuroCIS, New Software, Price List, Special Offer, See you in 2019

We look forward welcoming you at EuroCIS in Düsseldorf during the 19th to 21st February 2019 – hall 9 booth C51 where we would like to demonstrate new coin innovations and technologies. Please reserve these dates in your calendar – it will be great!

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1. November 2018

CoinBank 822, PC program, Training, Approvals, Order

CTcoin is now launching a new version in the CoinBank 800 series – the version 822. CoinBank 822 is a non sorting machine delivering the coins into 2 containers each holding 36 liters of coins, which is equivalent to approx. 120 kg of coins per container.

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6. September 2018

Card or barcode identification – New logo – Great offers

It is now possible to swipe/insert a card or scan a barcode and to transfer this identification number together with the transaction amount and number in the Communication Module. This means that the transactions can be related/connected to a user, whether the user uses a loyality card, id card etc

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20. August 2018

CT350 – Manual – Test result – Trademark – Software – Datasheet

At cost we offer you the high quality note detector CT350 for mere EUR 80 including 2D + UV + MI + MT + IR, up to 6 currencies (incl. USD), total value counting and 12 digits LCD display as long as stock lasts. Min. quantity 10 units per order.

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12. July 2018

Approval China – EVA – Compac Patents – Holiday

CTcoins V5 sensor and ONE software has during the month of July 2018 been approved by the Chinese Central Bank – in a new approval procedure recently introduced in China. Counting speed, counterfeit detection and no. of accepted rejects were amongst the very strict criteria’s and requirements. This opens up for many new possibilities in the vast country of China

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19. June 2018

EUR Rail – Training – Pelican 301 w. lock – World Cup – Article – Holiday

For a customer in South America CTcoin has made a special cabinet lock in the Pelican 301. This means that only by using a key there is access to the coin part of the machine. For more information please do not hesitate to contact your sales representative.

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9. May 2018

Training Schedule – Apporvals – Compac – Overflow

In order for you to maximize your profit and product knowledge we strongly recommend you to take advantage of the regular training seminars held at CTcoin. By participating in a CTcoin training seminar you will improve your offering and obtain a guaranteed priority support from CTcoin.

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16. April 2018

Spare parts list – NO Cashlessness – Holiday

In the Partner Section of the www.ctcoin.com you will now find new and revised spare part manuals for the 400 and 800 series. The manuals can easily be downloaded and will make any spare part ordering easy and smooth.
Check out the partner section!

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15. March 2018

EuroCIS, Product Support Manager, Campaign, Compac Sorting, CoinDepo, China, Cash Is King

Great EuroCIS, Düsseldorf for CTcoin
With visits by partners from all over the world, great interest in the CoinDepo Concept and the new Compac unit, this years EuroCIS in Düsseldorf turned out to be the best show ever for CTcoin.
Thank you all for visiting and thank to all the partners who joined us at the Johs. Albrecht Brauhaus for a great German dinner with beer and korn the 28th February.
We hope to see you again in 2019 where CTcoin again will be presenting new products and technologies within high quality coin counting and sorting.

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21. February 2018

EuroCIS, CoinDepo approval, Compac sorting, Overflow, Japan, Patents, Puerto Rico

We look forward welcoming you at our stand C51 in hall 9 and show you the latest development in coin identification and sorting. We look forward to demonstrate the new COMPAC as well as the design icon CoinBank 800 packed with features such as “article 6” compliance and overflow features. Further we will show you the most comprehensive retail coin deposit concept in the market place. Come and see how you can expand your business!

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3. January 2018

Happy New Year – Winner – South America – Dinner Party EuroCIS

In November our export manager Marcos Teixeira went to Brazil, Chile and Uruguay to visit our partners and prospect new opportunities for OEM developments.
The visit was very positive, and we had the chance to present our newest development “COMPAC” to the main players in the market.
We would like to thank you all for the great cooperation and look forward to great business in 2018!

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12. December 2017

Holidays – Award – Compac – Price List 2018 – EuroCIS dinner party

The 30th November 2017 CTcoin was awarded the Magner Supplier Award 2017. This award was presented by the president of Magner Corporation of America, Mr. Doug Magee.

This award and honor is greatly appreciated and all at CTcoin are grateful for this outstanding gesture and thoughtfulness.

Thank you to Magner for an excellent 2017 and cooperation and thank you for this award.

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8. November 2017

New Technical Support, New Pelican/Zebra Brochure, Compac, EuroCIS

The new and patented OEM coin counter from CTcoin is now in market test. We are preparing documentation, videos and material. We expect to go in full scale production with this unique, high quality and compact coin counter 2nd quarter 2018.

The Compac is patent pending on patent application PA 2016 00635 and patent PA 2017 00527. With 200-300 cpm, compact design outstanding reliability, accuracy and functionality the Compac will be the ideal choice for applications like coin deposit systems, ATMs, kiosks and front and back office retail solutions and many more.

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16. October 2017

DG ECFIN approval Pelican/Zebra, CoinBank 800, Communication Module

CTcoin is pleased to inform that our Pelican/Zebra series are DG ECFIN approved according to Directorate General for Economic and Financial Affairs and are in line with article 5 of the EU regulation no. 1210/2010 concerning authentication of euro coins and handling of euro coins unfit for circulation.

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2. October 2017

New Website, New Brochures, Cease Of Supply, Delivery Situation

We are proud to launch an entirely new and more updated, user-friendly and modern website platform www.ctcoin.com.

The objective has been to present CTcoin in a more modern and up-to-date way and to prepare the page for the future. We have dramatically revised the Partner Section, so that you easier can find technical and commercial information/down-loads.

Take a tour on the website and let us know what you think. Contact us if you have misplaced your partner log-in.

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22. June 2017

Production Holiday, Winner, EVA Coin Group, New Staff, AED

Bill Donahue, Magner Corporation, USA. Congratulations with the very nice and modern Bluetooth loudspeaker S3 in black from Bang & Olufsen. The competition was announced in the CTcoin Newsletter issued 17th January. We are pleased to note that many of you participated and although not winning this time around, we hope that you will participate again next time we announce a competition.

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31. May 2017

Partner of the year 2016, Cease of supply, Holiday

It is with great pleasure that we can announce that the CTcoin partner of the year award 2016 has been awarded to LJ Inter Trade, South Africa. Lars Jensen, owner, received this award the 30th May in Johannesburg.

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11. May 2017

Order and delivery situation, public holiday

CTcoin has been blessed with good many orders during 1st half year and we have as a consequence employed extra manufacturing staff as we have increased our inventory.

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8. May 2017

CoinBank 800, New cooperation, Approval, Holiday

CTcoin proudly introduces the new and revolutionary CDS with an unmatched design look and aesthetic. Featuring a brand new and modern design with built-in features such as “breathing” and communication LED lights in multiple colors, it stands as a beacon of design within the industry.

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