CTcoin – 30 Years Anniversary!


… and we’re just getting started!


In 1991, CTcoin was established with an ambition to deliver the best coin handling products to bank branches. We still do, but since then, the world has changed – and so have we.

Apart from CTcoin’s already robust product portfolio, it is also recognized as a market leader when it comes to supplying coin counting and sorting technologies and private label products to globally renowned retail and banking solutions providers. The Compac-series, the Basic series and the SMARTconcept are just the latest examples of state-of-the-art and modular coin counting and sorting technologies.

But we have not gotten to this point alone. We have been continuously inspired and challenged by our customers worldwide and promoted by a strong team of skilled employees, suppliers and partners with our 3 core values: reliability, durability & accuracy.

We are optimistic and prepared for the challenges and opportunities in the coming decades. We hope you will join us in this next journey!





The powerful 5th generation of sensor technology and electronics have 16 parameters of detection, ensuring the accurate and reliable identification of coins.


The ONE software secures uniform handling, maintenance and feature set throughout the CTcoin machines.


CTcoin technology has been approved by the Directorate General for Economic and Financial Affairs (DG ECFIN) and is in line with EU Regulation No. 1210/2010 of 15 December, 2010.


CTcoin technology is approved by the Deutsche Bundesbank and is in line with §36 BBKKG and in compliance with EU regulations no. 1338/2001 of 28 june 2001 article 6.


By means of the communication module, CTcoin machines are able to transmit vital event and transaction data into an XML format.


CTcoin machines are developed and manufactured in Denmark using top quality components, material and skilled competent labour.