CTcoin Note Counters

This product line includes simple piece counters, mixed note counters and even advanced note counters with fitness detection. CTcoin’s note counters are known for their extreme durability, reliability and most “value for money”. CTcoin’s note counters have been tested and used as “heavy duty” in hostile environments all over the world.

CT 800

High quality professional Multi-Currency mixed banknote counter. The most effective note counter approved by the European Central Bank.

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CT 350

The CT350 note counter is both unique and very modern it its design. Easy to use and suitable for any environment. The detector comes in 2 versions: a multi-currency banknote detector as well as a model only suitable for Euro notes.

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    The powerful 5th generation of sensor technology and electronics have 16 parameters of detection, ensuring the accurate and reliable identification of coins.


    The ONE software secures uniform handling, maintenance and feature set throughout the CTcoin machines.


    CTcoin technology has been approved by the Directorate General for Economic and Financial Affairs (DG ECFIN) and is in line with EU Regulation No. 1210/2010 of 15 December, 2010.


    CTcoin technology is approved by the Deutsche Bundesbank and is in line with §36 BBKKG and in compliance with EU regulations no. 1338/2001 of 28 june 2001 article 6.


    By means of the communication module, CTcoin machines are able to transmit vital event and transaction data into an XML format.


    CTcoin machines are developed and manufactured in Denmark using top quality components, material and skilled competent labour.