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3. January 2018

Happy New Year – Winner – South America – Dinner Party EuroCIS

In November our export manager Marcos Teixeira went to Brazil, Chile and Uruguay to visit our partners and prospect new opportunities for OEM developments.
The visit was very positive, and we had the chance to present our newest development “COMPAC” to the main players in the market.
We would like to thank you all for the great cooperation and look forward to great business in 2018!

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12. December 2017

Holidays – Award – Compac – Price List 2018 – EuroCIS dinner party

The 30th November 2017 CTcoin was awarded the Magner Supplier Award 2017. This award was presented by the president of Magner Corporation of America, Mr. Doug Magee.

This award and honor is greatly appreciated and all at CTcoin are grateful for this outstanding gesture and thoughtfulness.

Thank you to Magner for an excellent 2017 and cooperation and thank you for this award.

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8. November 2017

New Technical Support, New Pelican/Zebra Brochure, Compac, EuroCIS

The new and patented OEM coin counter from CTcoin is now in market test. We are preparing documentation, videos and material. We expect to go in full scale production with this unique, high quality and compact coin counter 2nd quarter 2018.

The Compac is patent pending on patent application PA 2016 00635 and patent PA 2017 00527. With 200-300 cpm, compact design outstanding reliability, accuracy and functionality the Compac will be the ideal choice for applications like coin deposit systems, ATMs, kiosks and front and back office retail solutions and many more.

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16. October 2017

DG ECFIN approval Pelican/Zebra, CoinBank 800, Communication Module

CTcoin is pleased to inform that our Pelican/Zebra series are DG ECFIN approved according to Directorate General for Economic and Financial Affairs and are in line with article 5 of the EU regulation no. 1210/2010 concerning authentication of euro coins and handling of euro coins unfit for circulation.

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2. October 2017

New Website, New Brochures, Cease Of Supply, Delivery Situation

We are proud to launch an entirely new and more updated, user-friendly and modern website platform www.ctcoin.com.

The objective has been to present CTcoin in a more modern and up-to-date way and to prepare the page for the future. We have dramatically revised the Partner Section, so that you easier can find technical and commercial information/down-loads.

Take a tour on the website and let us know what you think. Contact us if you have misplaced your partner log-in.

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22. June 2017

Production Holiday, Winner, EVA Coin Group, New Staff, AED

Bill Donahue, Magner Corporation, USA. Congratulations with the very nice and modern Bluetooth loudspeaker S3 in black from Bang & Olufsen. The competition was announced in the CTcoin Newsletter issued 17th January. We are pleased to note that many of you participated and although not winning this time around, we hope that you will participate again next time we announce a competition.

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31. May 2017

Partner of the year 2016, Cease of supply, Holiday

It is with great pleasure that we can announce that the CTcoin partner of the year award 2016 has been awarded to LJ Inter Trade, South Africa. Lars Jensen, owner, received this award the 30th May in Johannesburg.

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11. May 2017

Order and delivery situation, public holiday

CTcoin has been blessed with good many orders during 1st half year and we have as a consequence employed extra manufacturing staff as we have increased our inventory.

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8. May 2017

CoinBank 800, New cooperation, Approval, Holiday

CTcoin proudly introduces the new and revolutionary CDS with an unmatched design look and aesthetic. Featuring a brand new and modern design with built-in features such as “breathing” and communication LED lights in multiple colors, it stands as a beacon of design within the industry.

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